Your complete satisfaction with your replacement windows and doors is important to us. We strive to answer all your questions before, during, and after your installation. We’ve included some helpful information below on frequently asked questions about your new windows. If you have any questions, please call our office at 563-588-4349 and we’d be more than happy to get the answers for you!

Renewal by Andersen Replacement Window Process

  • Schedule your in-home consultation. 
    We offer free in-home consultations. With approximately 90 minutes of your time we are able to determine the best solutions for your window replacement as well as provide you with an exact price quote. Once you have decided to purchase and sign the agreement…
  • Your project will be re-measured and custom build for your needs.
    Our windows and doors are specifically made for your home which requires precise measurements. We will send a carpenter to your home for a technical measure to ensure the proper fit of your new windows before we order them. Once the order is placed, your windows are manufactured at the Renewal by Andersen factory located in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.
  • After your windows arrive at our location, we will schedule your installation.
    We will call you to schedule your installation after your windows have arrived. By waiting until we have your windows and doors in our warehouse to schedule your installation, we will avoid confusion and frustration associated with tentatively-set dates.
  • Our factory-trained crew will install your new windows.
    We work year round, even in December and January. We will schedule work at your home for days when the weather allows and it isn’t so brutal.
  • We follow up to ensure your satisfaction.
    We strive for excellence in every project we complete. After your project has been installed, Renewal by Andersen will follow up and make make sure we earn your 5 star rating.

Window Care and Maintenance

While Fibrex material is virtually maintenance free, there is certain basic upkeep that should be performed regularly to extend the life of your new windows and doors.
For complete care and maintenance instructions, please click here to download our Window Care and Maintenance Guide 


  • Abrasive cleaners will damage glass surface
  • Acid solutions used for cleaning masonry or concrete will damage glass, fasteners, hardware and metal flashing. If acid contacts unit, wash all surfaces with water immediately.
  • To minimize glass cleaner residue from depositing on the glass, do not clean in direct sunlight.
  • Do not use newspaper to dry the glass surface as the ink may discolor the surrounding Fibrex® material.

Frame and Sash Components:

  • Clean out dirt and debris from sills and tracks to keep windows and doors opening and closing easily
  • Clean the frame, sash, and grilles by using a mild solution of soap and water and a soft rag or brush.
  • For casement or awning windows and all patio doors: Lubricate all moving parts (locks, hinges, operators, and rollers) with a dry lubricant to maintain ease of operation. DO NOT use wet lubricants or harsh abrasive cleaners that will collect dirt or other corrosive particles.
  • On gliding window frame or double-hung side covers: use a dry lubricant if needed to make operation easier.


  • First wipe away loose dirt and grime with a soft, dry cloth. Then apply a cleaning solution such as mild soapy water, vinegar-and-water, or a liquid window cleaner to the glass and wipe in a circular motion. Remove cleaning solution with a squeegee or clean, lint-free cloth. Rinse with clear water if soap has been used.


  • Both conventional and TruScene® insect screens are best cleaned with a soft cloth.


  • Wash using a mild detergent and water solution with a soft cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaners, cloths, or brushes.

How to Request Service

At Renewal by Andersen of Eastern Iowa, we stand behind the products we install. If you should need service work done on the windows or doors we have installed for you, please don’t hesitate to call!

To make your phone call easier, we ask that you write down the information contained on your window product label. This label includes identifying information such as an individual product code and will allow our Service Coordinator to identify the exact window or door you are having issues with.  The label is included on every Renewal by Andersen product and is located on the top or side of the window frame. You will have to open the window to see this label. See below for example.





The location of the product label can be found in the illustration below (Arrow 1). Windows can also be identified using the information included in the glass etching found in every Andersen product. These etchings will be located in the bottom corner of the glass (Arrow 2).

Andersen etching location


If you have any further questions, please call our office at 563-588-4349